Ashland Birth Center

Welcome! Ashland Birth Center is dedicated to providing parents and families with quality midwifery care during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. Our practice follows the philosophical cornerstones set forth by the Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative which states in part, that:

  • Birth is a normal, natural, and healthy process.
  • Women and babies have the inherent wisdom necessary for birth.
  • Babies are aware, sensitive human beings at the time of birth, and should be acknowledged and treated as such
  • The midwifery model of care, which supports and protects the normal birth process, is the most appropriate for the majority of women during pregnancy and birth.

About us

Savita Jones, CPM,LM

I have been involved in the art and practice of Midwifery for a lifetime. I grew up practicing Midwifery with my mother who has been at the forefront of midwifery in Wisconsin since it’s "come back" in the early 70's. Read more...


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